Toronto is a provincial capital of Ontario. Being so, Toronto is ranked the most populous city in Canada, having a massive population of 2,731,571 in the year 2016. Toronto is also an anchor city of the Golden Horseshoe, a recognized urban agglomeration of 9 million people surrounding the western end of Lake Ontario. The City of Toronto is a center of international business, finance, arts, and culture. It is among the top multicultural and cosmopolitan cities worldwide.

It is located on an expansive sloping plateau, with valleys, rivers, urban forests, and deep ravines scattered around its area.  Most of the ravines and valleys of Toronto are now parklands and recreational trails. In terms of weather, the city experiences four distinct seasons. Winter season is cold with repeated snowing, while the summer season is characterized as hot temperature. Autumn and spring usually have mild or chilly temperatures.

Many people and tourists have traveled through and lived in Toronto, which has contributed to the diverse population of Toronto. Such a diverse community reflects Toronto’s current and historical role as the most important destination for immigrants to Canada.   The majority of Toronto’s residents belong to a minority population group with more than 200 different ethnic origins. There are over one hundred sixty (160) spoken languages around the city; however, mainstream Torontonians speak English as the primary conversational language.

Toronto is known to be a centre for music, motion picture production, theatre, and television production. The headquarters of Canada’s national broadcasting networks and media outlets are situated in Toronto. Also, Toronto attracts almost 43 million tourists each year for its various cultural institutions, including festivals and public events, galleries and museums, national historic sites, entertainment districts, and sports activities. This city is famous for its numerous skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, notably the CN Tower, for being the tallest self-supporting building in the Western Hemisphere.